University of the Arts London is Europe"s largest university for art, kiến thiết, fashion, communications và the performing arts. The University is comprised of 6 internationally renowned Colleges, each with their own style, academic offerings, và location. Courses are also available in UAL"s Creative Computing Institute.


Students at UAL can choose khổng lồ participate in one of two program options: the Integrated Study Abroad program or the Semester Study Abroad program.

Integrated Study Abroad Program

On the Integrated option, studentswill study on one course (i.e. Fine Art: Sculpture) alongside UAL"s degree seeking students. students are fully integrated into the BA course and must adapt lớn the British style of teaching và studying. Courses are delivered in a variety of ways including individual & group tutorials, projects, seminars, lectures, và museum, gallery and studio visits. Much of the students" time will be spentworking independentlywith little feedbaông xã or direction from teaching staff.

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UAL runs on a2-bloông xã, semester system.The fall term is approximately 10 weeks for a total of 12 US credits, & the spring term is approximately 16 weeks for a total of 18 US credits. Students studying forthe fall term at UAL can also addone of the optional 3-credit modules, European Art History or Creative Industries Londonprior lớn the start of the semester. In the fall, the optional module runs prior to the start of the fall term.

Semester Study AbroadProgram

TheSemester option is designed và tailored to lớn incoming study abroad students. The teaching is more structured & there is more faculty tư vấn than on the integrated programs. Instead offollowing one course for the semester, students will take multiple modules making up between 12-16 US credits. Students take classes with other study abroad students but are taught by UAL faculty & cốt truyện UAL facilities with degree-seeking students.


Preference will be given khổng lồ students who meet the following requirements:

A minimum cumulative sầu GPA of 3.0*; At leastsophomore standing at the time of program participation; Ability to demonstrate, through personal essay và recommendations, the level of maturity and self-motivation needed to lớn succeed abroad.

Any student receiving academic or physical accommodations at should tương tác OCSE as soon as possible lớn discuss your program selection with a Program Manager và what accommodations may be available inLondon.

*Applicants with a GPA less than 3.0 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please liên hệ the in London Program Manager lớn discuss your application.


Students must apply for accommodation directly withUAL"saccommodation officeafter being accepted.Please note: In the UK, housing is called "accommodation".

Study abroad students studying at UAL for one semester willapply for housing at eitherthe Costume Store or the Glassyard Building. The majority of rooms are single bedrooms with a private bathroom. Students have sầu access to a shared kitchen to cook for themselves.

Program Dates

Students can apply to lớn study atUAL for the fall, spring or full-year.

Fallterm dates: mid-September to mid-December; optional 3-week module startslate August/early September prior to lớn the fall term.

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Spring term dates:late Januaryto lớn mid-June (includes a 4-week spring break)

Upon arrival, students will participate in an orientation with IES Abroad,"s partnerforadditional student support in London. After the IES orientation, students will move inkhổng lồ their university housing assignment và participate in the UAL orientation for study abroad students.


The application process for in London: University of the Arts, London is a two-part application process. Studentsmust first submit a in London application to lớn Off-Campus Study & Exchanges (OCSE) to be approved for off-campus study at UAL. In addition, you must also submit an online application directly lớn UAL, which may include the submission of supporting documents. All students will be required lớn submit a portfolio as part of their application khổng lồ UAL. UAL will make the final decision on your application.

Application deadlines October 1for the spring semester March 15for the fall or full-year