As the leading research university in South Texas, UT Health San Antonio has been awarded $10.9 million to advance the fight against cancer as it recruits new scientists lớn join its world-class faculty.

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Training Future Generations

With five sầu schools offering 65 degree specialties, we"re training South Texas" next generation of healthcare professionals.


Leading Breakthroughs

We"re moving retìm kiếm forward và developing new methods for combatting disease, from diabetes to cancer to lớn Alzheimer"s.


Advancing Patient Care

Our network of 800 specialists are informed by the latest medical discoveries and can tailor a treatment plan for you.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is proud to be ranked within multiple U.S. News & World Report Best Grad Schools categories.

Our five sầu schools offer 65 professional, graduate và undergraduate degree and certificate programs, across campuses in San Antonio and Larevì.


COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available, by appointment, khổng lồ everyone 5 years & older. Everyone 12 years & older is eligible lớn receive a Pfizer COVID-19 booster shot. Third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are recommended, sooner than the booster dose, for those with compromised immune systems.

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Reflecting our commitment lớn the health of the community, UT Health San Antonio & all of its locations will continue lớn follow all COVID-19 safety protocols, including the requirement to wear masks.

We are known for doing everything it takes. You and your family are at the heart of what we vị. We are dedicated khổng lồ your safety, comfort and well-being; we bởi vì "Everything It Takes!" to serve your health needs. Stay informed on the lathử nghiệm news & events. We want all of San Antonio and South Texas to know that we’ll vày “Everything It Takes” to lớn serve sầu the health needs of patients in our region and the world.

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