The University of Western nước Australia (UWA) is one of Australia’s leading universities with an international reputation for excellence in teaching, learning & retìm kiếm. Globally, UWA is ranked in the world’s top 100 (ARWU 2021).

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Just minutes from Perth, UWA is located on the banks of the Swan River và is renowned for its beautiful campus and sandstone buildings. For more than 100 years it has stood for excellence và has produced high-achieving graduates including a prime minister, a Nobel Prize winner, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, ground-breaking doctors & scientists, award-winning journalists and celebrated writers, musicians và archaeologists – experts across many fields.
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Research programmes

Everything you need to lớn know

Set yourself apart with a UWA degree

As Western Australia’s only top 100 university, UWA is paving the way with an innovative sầu curriculum designed around industry and global demands. Our world-class courses will equip you with skills & knowledge for global success.


UWA empowers its staff, students và researchers khổng lồ change the world, developing cutting-edge ideas for the future through our degrees in engineering and mathematical sciences. Leading the way in innovation, technology & technical expertise, our creative and industry-endorsed learning experience offers an engaging setting, và gives you the skills to tackle real-life challenges. Our in-depth retìm kiếm, industry knowledge và dedication to inclusion và diversity create a vibrant learning environment that encourages excellence.

Business và Management

UWA’s Business School is one of the premier business schools in the Asia-Pacific region. We inspire talented students from around the world lớn become respected & forward-thinking academic, community & business leaders of tomorrow. The School uses innovative sầu teaching, thought-leading retìm kiếm và corporate associations to lớn provide real-world experience, hands-on learning & industry networking, giving you a career edge in your speciamenu field.

Data và Technology

Gain the skills to lớn tackle big data challenges and compete in the digital realm with our data & computer science degrees. Our courses in information công nghệ, business analytics, data science, and business information and logistics management are informed by the lathử nghiệm developments in research and industry. You’ll be taught in purpose-built learning facilities by world-renowned experts. As a student, you’ll put your theoretical knowledge into practice, gain a deep understanding of future global needs, and develop skills lớn embed contemporary data management & analysis technologies within industry.


UWA is at the forefront of teaching và research in science, và has a world-class reputation, an international network và a range of industry collaborations. Discipline areas in undergraduate & postgraduate courses range from pure và applied science lớn new multidisciplinary fields. With hands-on Work Integrated Learning opportunities, you’ll learn from & work with the best in the country and will gain industry knowledge, develop work-ready skills và create professional networks – all vital for career success.

Health & Medical Sciences

UWA offers courses và retìm kiếm in a range of health and medical science disciplines to lớn significantly benefit the health of Australian and international communities. We encourage the lifelong adaption & assessment of new theories & treatments và of diagnostic techniques that use a holistic approach to lớn health sciences and a sensitive sầu interaction with patients. A svào retìm kiếm culture infuses all our health courses, và staff and students work with prominent institutes, teaching hospitals, specialist research organisations & community groups on projects.
Why study at UWA

Why study at the University of Western Australia (UWA)?

1. UWA is a world top 100 universityRanking within the worlds top 100 (ARWU 2021), UWA is also the only Western Australian university in the prestigious Group of Eight, a coalition of world-leading research-intensive sầu Australian universities.

2. Our graduates receive sầu a globally recognised degreeUWA is proud lớn have sầu received the highest ranking amuốn all Australian universities in mining & mineral engineering; marine/ocean engineering; agricultural sciences; environmental science; and engineering và biological sciences in the 20trăng tròn Academic Ranking of World Universities by Subject (ARWU).

3. We have sầu over 75 state-of-the-art teaching & research facilitiesUWA’s Perth campus is trang chính to many globally recognised scholars, including Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall.

4. We have a global reputation and global connectionsUWA is a founder thành viên of the Matariki Network of high-unique, research-intensive sầu universities with a particular focus on student experience.

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5. We focus on graduate outcomesAt UWA, you’ll not only study towards a degree but have the opportunity lớn gain valuable experience towards your future career with practical learning. UWA offers professional placements, internships, mentoring và work experience to help you lớn graduate career-ready.