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Otis is a private college located in Los Angeles, California. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 1,109 undergraduate students. Admissions is somewhat competitive sầu as the Otis acceptance rate is 78%. Popular majors include Graphic Design, Design and Visual Communications, and Fashion & Apparel Design. Graduating 66% of students, Otis alumni go on to lớn earn a starting salary of $31,000.

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I am an incoming transfer student. I will be coming in as a sophomore in their fashion design department. So far, my experience has been poor because we are receiving our education 100% online and are required to pay "on-campus full tuition". This is completely unacceptable since the quality of education that the students are going lớn receive sầu is not going to be up lớn par as an in-person class education. Also, when we are paying for full tuition (while being only online), we are also paying for the network và community & relationships. Students will not be receiving that.
I can’t say too much since I’m still a freshman, but honestly this first semester is just terrible. I always felt lượt thích an outcast, but this school, especially the teachers, make me even feel more like I vị not belong here. One of the teachers gives us attitude & another teacher makes me feel like I’m stupid, while treating everyone else better giving me lượt thích “Uhh... ok??” type of attitude that’s sarcastic. I plan on dropping out and just staying in my state. Even paying full tuition for the year is just shocking. We’re still in the middle of the pandemic, can’t really go khổng lồ the campus unless you’re in LA needing to borrow sound or camera equipment. But for those who are out of state, it’s even harder. $60,000+ a year during the pandemic where it’s only online classes is just.. wow.

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Attending Otis online is not a very fulfilling experience. I have class on zoom that is 6 hours with a 1 hour lunch break in between. All the work they give you with the amount of online classes is dreadful, you feel lượt thích you barely have time for yourself. Your mental health nor your physical health is not value with the amount of work they give sầu you. Some of the teachers are really nice though, that is the one benefit, but in no way does it justify the tuition price.