Join us for a learning experience that liên kết education khổng lồ community, fosters a sense of belonging, và celebrates diverse cultural & social perspectives. State University’s driving purpose is to lớn provide equitable access to education for all. We promote successful & engaged lives by caring for, connecting with, và challenging our students, campus, và community.

We Call this The Experience.

Bạn đang xem: Why adams State has a long history of diversity and inclusion, & has been an established, respected Hispanic Serving Institution since 1998 (the first HSI in Colorado). We have an institutional commitment to lớn serving & empowering Hispanic students.

Here, HSI is more than just a designation; it’s a continual, energizing mix of intentional actions that enhance the education & experience of all our students. It’s not just a head count. It’s the way our students count — how each person is treated with the same high cấp độ of respect, inclusion và service, và how each person has an equal opportunity to lớn grow and advance.

HSI Advisory Committee

As Colorado’s premier Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), State University draws on its rural location in the San Luis Valley, lớn serve and empower all students, especially those from historically underserved populations. In keeping with that mission, we’re especially prepared lớn support First-Gen và low-income students as they navigate the college experience. In fact, 50 percent of our students are the first in their families khổng lồ attend college.

Whether you commute locally from the San Luis Valley or live sầu on campus, we make a point of helping you find your way, get involved, stay on track, và grow inlớn a proud State Grizzly. Between classes, you’ll find your ‘home-away-from-home’ at CASA, a renovated house on campus where students of all backgrounds gather khổng lồ study, eat, and socialize in a cozy, supportive environment. If you or your parents are migrant or seasonal farmworkers, our College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) offers financial, academic, và social tư vấn as you work toward earning a four-year degree. That means scholarships khổng lồ help pay for your education & dedicated advisors khổng lồ guide you.

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A Community Where You và Your Family Are Embraced

When you enroll at State, that doesn’t mean leaving your family behind. On the contrary, we welcome families to campus. We want them to lớn feel at trang chủ & take part in our community activities. In fact, our ties lớn the local community are so deep that we often look to family members to tóm tắt their talents as musicians, cooks, speakers, and more.