Trong bài viết này, KISS English đang lí giải mang đến các bạn bí quyết giới thiệu về Singapore bằng tiếng Anh. Hãy quan sát và theo dõi nhé.

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Xem đoạn phim của KISS English về phong thái học từ vựng giờ Anh khôn xiết tốc nhớ lâu tại trên đây nhé.

Singapore là 1 trong trong những non sông danh tiếng cũng giống như điểm đến chọn lựa du lịch lí tưởng. Hàng năm có không ít khách hàng du ngoạn lựa chọn Singapore để du lịch thăm quan, chơi nhởi, ngủ đuối,… Trong nội dung bài viết ngày lúc này, KISS English vẫn share mang đến chúng ta bí quyết giới thiệu về Singapore bằng giờ Anh hay nhưng mà dễ dàng và đơn giản. 

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Một Số Bài Viết Giới Thiệu Về Singapore Bằng Tiếng Anh

Mẫu 1: If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be Singapore. Singapore is known as the cleanest country in the world. As a person who loves urban architecture, Singapore is my ideal destination.

Singapore is located in Asia. I am attracted by the luxurious design of Marimãng cầu Bay. I heard that from the observation deông xã, anyone can see the entire đô thị. The next place on my wish danh sách is Botanic Garden, which received a UNESCO World Heritage nomination. I also really want lớn go shopping on The Orchard Road. The next stop of my wish is Merlion Park. I love the half-lion, half-fish statue. Lastly, Chinatown seems like a great tourist attraction that I want khổng lồ visit and try some Chinese food there.

Singapore is the country of my dreams. I hope someday I could travel there.

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Mẫu 2:Not only is it known as the most beautiful & cleanest islvà nation in the world, but Singapore is also highly regarded for the safety of this country. Singapore is in Asia. Always in the top of the favorite countries in the hearts of tourists, Singapore creates a special impression not only by its beauty, and clean living environment but also as one of the safe destinations. most in the world according to the Economist’s Intelligence Unit. Located in the south of the Malay peninsula, bordering the Malaysian state of Johor khổng lồ the north và opposite the Indonesian islvà of Riau to the south. The island nation of Singapore is surrounded by many other small islands. And the capital of Singapore is Singapore. Although it does not own the most beautiful beach in the world or a majestic natural wonder, Singapore is always a destination that attracts a lot of sympathy from visitors because of its most magnificent, modern cities & public transportation system. great plus. One more “special” thing is that visitors to lớn this island nation will be completely conquered by an extremely clean Singapore, the environment and atmosphere here is very clean and friendly, and security is generally guaranteed. excellently told. The national language of Singapore or Singapore includes four official languages, English (Singlish), Malay, Chinese, & Tamil, but the language that is most widely used in Singapore is English for Singaporeans, và Chinese. It is the great things that Lion Islvà holds & the consciousness of the people here has contributed khổng lồ creating a beautiful Singapore, truly the most wonderful & safest destination in the world.

Mẫu 3:A few months ago my father and I visited Singapore, one of the most famous cities in Asia. Singapore, a small isl&, lies in the southern & of West Malaysia. A long & narrow piece of land joins Singapore with Johore Hahru, the southern-most town of West Malaysia. Singapore is now independent. The thành phố of Singapore is extremely beautiful. It is well known for its centers of business và other activities. There are many places of interest such as the Tiger Balm Garden, the Botanical Gardens, and the Raffles Museum. There are also many important centers of learning such as the University of Singapore, the Science Centre, the Nanyang University, & the Polytechnic. Being a famous đô thị, hundreds of people come every day from various parts of the world lớn vì business or khổng lồ enjoy the sights of the city. Singapore, therefore, has large and beautiful airports & its harbors are full of ships. There are many night schools where people who cannot go to the day schools for some reason or other can continue their studies. And, the government of Singapore is still doing its best khổng lồ make further improvements in the city for the benefit of the people. During my stay in Singapore, I went out every day with my father to lớn see the beautiful và interesting places and things in the đô thị. One day we went khổng lồ the Tiger Balm Garden where I saw several statues of people, animals, & other strange creatures beautifully made & kept. The sea near this garden makes this a pleasant place to lớn visit. We spent almost half of the day at this place. On another day we visited the museum where I saw hundreds of curious things preserved for scholars và others. It was indeed an education to see all those things. There is so much khổng lồ learn here that every visit by any person is sure to add khổng lồ his knowledge. I also visited some of the harbors và saw the large ships anchored there. The sight of the ships aroused a desire in me lớn cross the oceans and go round the world. I was indeed deeply impressed by the activities at the harbor. Then every night, I went around the town & visited some of the parks & other places of interest. The numerous sights và the constant stream of traffic kept the city alive sầu. I visited a few of the cinemas as well. In short, I enjoyed every moment of my stay in this famous city of Singapore. 

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